Silent activites such as reading, browsing, staring, writing keep company to simple gestures with a delightful and haunting repetition.
  • Browse Books, 2016, 2'06'' (excerpt)

    Meet the work of an artist by reciting his titles and consulting the IX volumes of his reasoned catalogue exhaustively. (Paul Klee here).

  • Young Girl without a date, 2009, 8'08'' (excerpt)

    The portraits and auto-portraits of the Swiss painter Jeanne Lombard are interpreted here by the movement of the camera sounding them out and by a voice trying to pierce their secret through their titles and other clues.

  • Encre / Méditerranée, 2009, 9'09'' (excerpt)

    The noise of a hand, writing, gives a mooring to the places where life is spent.

  • Antechambers, 2008, 10'00'' (excerpt)

    In a stream of successive inner spaces, everyday objects are transfigured into mythic spaces by shifting overlays.