Faces are not described as individual portraits but are deeply penetrated by cities and landscapes. Their rhythm, pace, become slow or frenetic.
  • Rivoli's Dialogues, 2007, 10'22'' (excerpt)

    A passerby reads out, at the top of her voice, in a systematic tone, the multitude of signs along the rue de Rivoli, in Paris’ 4th District. She turns herself into a reciting machine as if all personal discourse had become impossible.

  • Bouches de Paris, 2008-2011, 5'54" (excerpt)

    The city is perceived and interpreted through the mouth of a woman.
    The wind, the river, the streets seem to be swallowed up by her subjectivity and the paths she travels.

  • Versions of Her, 2006, 3'44"

    In the middle of the crowd a woman watches anonymous faces. She combines flashes of faces and short sentences as if faces of others were screens for her thoughts.
    Voices: Veronika Lewinger

  • Conversations II, 2002, 5'11''

    The words, the phantasms, the desires find their own rhythm.

  • Listing, 2007, 3'54'' (excerpt)

    Perceptions of rushes become tactile and echoing.

  • The Word of the Virgins, 2010, 13'39" (excerpt)

    The Virgins of Seville are the receptacle for the words of men and women throughout the city. Through them, the desires, fears, wishes and visions of each and every one of them are expressed.

  • Commotions II, 2008, 5'16'' (excerpt)

    The impact of the town continues its action and invades the private space of our protagonists. Their quests, their gestures, their bodies are traversed by a pulsing urban rhythm which becomes their guide amidst this saturation.

  • L'Autre Version des Femmes, 2011, 21'02" (excerpt)

    L'autre version des femmes - Interpretation of the archives of "Temps Présent" from the 70's to nowadays.
    Excerpt: 7'02''. Original playing time: 21''04 
    The Videos and Photographs were shown at the Center of Photography, Geneva. June - September 2011 in the group show entitled
    "The revenge of the photographic archive". A video diptych shows the famous Swiss broadcast "Temps Présent" on the theme of women's situation.
    The two films (one from 1970, one from 2002) are juxtaposed. With the change of time,  women's role are evolving, as is the way of filming, speaking, repressing, showing or hiding.
    This juxtaposition gives a second life to the archive, like a revelation in a photographic process, where unperceived details unfold.
    Another version, less factual, more dreamlike, more unconscious appears - as if a new voice could be expressed.  

  • Forest Woman, 2015, 10'10'' (excerpt)

    An unknown woman reinvents her life through a return to an archaic existence until she fuses her being with the forest’s.

  • Domestic Pieces, 2009, 2'51" (excerpt)

    Conversations, games, readings, continual research build the domestic space as so many facets of a mosaic.