Wordly cities are perceived in moving flows that are at the same time slow and rapid. Buildings, sidewalks, streets become one with passers-by. They merge together and combine theirs characteristics, shapes, colors, substance.
  • I am a Chinese Woman, 2018, 3'34'' (excerpt)

    By the Forbidden City a woman is staring at us offering her thoughts

  • A Woman, a Train, 2018, 8'18'' (excerpt)

    A woman sitting in a train looks with passion through the window. Landscapes, cities, voices of others, the rhythm the railroad influence her thoughts and her visions.

  • Memories are deep in the River, 2018, 9’22'' (excerpt)

    Huang leaves the city and goes to the river called Pearl. She starts thinking about the  journey the river makes. Where does it start and where does it go? What has it seen? Down here by the river childhood memory, memories about her family, are coming back.

  • Woman Night, 2018, 4'57'' (excerpt)

    A woman goes into the night in the city streets and loses her sense of identity. She imagines becoming part of the city, her body, a long street with no end. She embodies this city, with its traffic and people. The city is moving in her and become part of her. Like a Lava flow she will emport everything down to the river.

  • Kyiv Wanderings, 2007, 5'52'' (excerpt)

    This woman passes by the places of conflicts and tries to heal the wounds of the war. Her thoughts emerge little by little as she walks. Their rhythm is slow and fosters a certain meditation. She seems to bring a sort of solution, as if her steps, her thoughts could bring the denouement of the conflicts.

  • M like Maidan,2018, 5'22'' (excerpt)

    M like Maidan is created in form of musical score. Visitors’ eyes drift from one screen to another in order to keep track of city’s upheaval, while the audios bring emotional messages. Audio tape diffuse passages taken from poems and slogans uttered during the revolution. Movement of the images frees people’s memory and their vision of the war becomes superimposed with today’s vision, similar to subliminal images of nightmares.

  • Frictions, 2001, 4'35'' (excerpt)

    Frictions presents a piece of successions and rehearsals assembled into images of the city. This city is made of departures, incessant returns, clashes, elisions. Some are intersected by others. The traffic, the cars, the buses, the ground, the sidewalk become hybrids. Everything is saturated, condensed in a succession of instants that get entangled, as if no one ever really left the place. The background sounds are also stressed by this repetition that encircles the city in its phonic pulses.

    Pal Video 1 minute 41 produced by Catherine Gfeller and the RTBF, Brussells, 2001, Soundtrack : Patrick van Loo.

  • Pulses, 2003, 2'41"

    From one point to the other, the bus crosses the city. From one city to the other, the city floats through the bus as she swallows the transiting passengers.

  • Reminiscences, 2005-2009, 3'12" (excerpt)

    Close-up of faces and city traffic successively go through the video camera and our own thoughts.

  • His Car Her Hair, 2006, 3'17'' (excerpt)

    Driving through Los Angeles with the wind, the city, palmtrees but without faces or names.
    Speed takes over and the story may begin …

  • She is coming II, 2012, 2'44''

    Her own presence rises like a slow and transparent apparition between traffic, architecture and others. A dream that comes true.

  • Fugues of Cities, 2016, 6'06'' (excerpt)

    The video sequences unveil the city of Bern by a shifting, dynamic editing where passersby, traffic, buses, cars, trams, streets and architecture are deeply layered.

  • Vas à venir, 2006, 4'20" (excerpt)

    The Sevillian crowd hits the ground like a Flamenco dancer to return at regular intervals towards the camera, the only stable, fixed point in the middle of this incessant flux.

  • Di Notte, 2004, 8'42" (excerpt)

    In Rome’s suburbs, a woman is prowling around a building, hugging the walls like a shady lover to express her passion. The repetitive structure of the architecture reflects the rhythms her monologue.

    Voices : Alessandra Cianchetta et Catherine Gfeller

  • Shards of Beirut, 2014, 9'13'' (excerpt)

    The city of Beirut is filmed through the subjectivity of one of its female inhabitants. Coming out in the street for the first time after the war, inspired by her ramblings, she makes the evolution of her perceptions, her sensations, her thoughts, available to us all.

  • Directional Piece, 2005-2009, 7'07" (excerpt)

    The diffraction of perceptions contaminates the intersections of Times Square. They become places, cities, continents or even frames for international conversations. The saturation, the un-readability, the confusion all become a secret doorway. In its very insistence, the superabundance becomes a rocking that mesmerizes us into a lull.

  • Anchorage, 2014, 3'43'' (excerpt)

    How can one find landmarks in the middle of the effervescence of Johannesburg? Reciting the first names are so many points of anchorage.

  • Toy City II, 2012, 2'31''

    Mirros and reflections given by the city itself are opportunites to play further and question our own identity.

  • Running to the same Goal, 2014, 2'46''

    Les destins croisés s'échangent en rythme dans le va-et-vient des hommes et des femmes, et c’est à Johannesburg. 

  • Moving Identity, 2013, 2'07''

    Streets in Johannesburg disturb identities between urban and human. The name of the streets vary with politics, streets intermingle with faces, sounds are superimposed with thoughts and we loose track with our benchmarks.

  • Pause, 2014, 2'42''

    Transient fiction evovling with each sensation.

  • Femme Fatale, 2014, 1'19''

    Femme fatale or when a daily scene meets an real event.

  • Decision, 2014, 9'05'' (excerpt)

    In the packed streets of Johannesburg, two strangers follow each other without being aware of it. Their singular journey will lead them to the exact same decision.

  • Decline and Regeneration, 2014, 1'42''

    Enigmatic messages are sent out. Who is able to decifer them ?

    Voice: Bokang Koatja

  • The Guardian of the City, 2014, 7'12'' (excerpt)

    The city requires to be travelled across in endless circles, in festive spinnings. An indulgent presence seems to watch over this ritual, like a guardian.