Mediterranean landscapes are breathing between stillness and movement. The wind set them to life, blow them, torment them. Landscapes can finally express themselves and say what they have to say.
  • Return to the Wind, 2016, 6'06'' (excerpt)

    The cycle of the wind in the trees animates sequences that overlap and unfold, answering each other at the same rhythm as perception itself.

  • Wind I, 2014, 3'25'' (excerpt)

    Nothing moves, nothing is unchangeable.

  • Présence I, 2014, 2'49'' (excerpt)

    From now on, she will not go any further.

  • Wind II, 2014, 5'14'' (excerpt)

    A slow or irregular movement is always perceptible.

  • Champ I, 2014, 4'25'' (excerpt)

    A still frame mysteriously comes to life as the wind flows through the flowers. A slow or discontinued movement is always perceptible, however nothing moves, nothing is unchangeable.

  • Vent F.M., 2014, 1',23"

    Dans le vent, elle pense profondément.