60 x 120 cm

Last November 2019, I explored Hong Kong with my camera, immersed in the streets in the midst of violent protests.The walls were full of slogans, forming walls of images.  Five women - all native Hongkongers - took me with them to witness their battle fighting for their city.They became the fictional and at the same time real protagonists of my photographic tale.

Titles are inspired by the slogans written on the walls of Hong Kong.
  • Blood in her words

  • Hidden and ahead

  • Five demands, not one less, I

  • Five demands, not one less, II

  • Caught in a tramway act

  • Pointing to the rebel

  • Yielding or escaping ?

  • There is no way back

  • Some people moved on but not us

  • Memories of a crowded city

  • Standing with HK

  • She will never forget

  • Can we still live normally ?

  • La r√©sistance devient un devoir

  • 11.08 / 8:09 He left us

  • HK Conscience

  • Clouds VS chaos