2014 - 2016

Sizes: 50 x 75 cm 

What does a theatre stage look like after the show, when the public and the actors have left? The space is returned to itself. The actions, the voices, the gestures are still echoing. Objects appear in disorder, upended, exploded, fragmented – behind the scene, the unconscious of the stage reveals itself. A metaphor for every apparition?
  • Ravages,60x90cm

  • The impossible House, 60x90cm

  • Raincheck, 60x90cm

  • In the Heart of Untruth,60x90cm

  • Extreme Promise,60x90cm

  • Subjectivity without Respite,60x90cm

  • Post-Melancholia,60x90cm

  • Games of Power,60x90cm

  • The Imagined Future,60x90cm