2014 - 2018

Sizes: 60 x 180 cm 

A figure and a fragment of the city meet in the instant in these photographic diptychs. Of this union, a fiction is born and a story can begin, in Beyrouth, in Johannesbourg or in Kyiv.
  • At night dusk settles but the devils come back

  • Intensely she recovers possession of herself

  • Metro landscape

  • Today no one in my family has been shot

  • This incessant collision makes me feel at home

  • Living in a difficult city becomes almost a privilege

  • Podil with Iryna

  • Fake collision

  • City Leisure

  • She confronts the street with gentleness

  • A place to hide

  • Back to daily life

  • Ahead of us

  • Fathers and Sons

  • She finds her way by following the impact of bullets

  • Together

  • New thoughts

  • Intense gathering

  • Woman park

  • She's seeking submerged traces of them

  • Personal View

  • Comings and goings

  • Free orientation

  • She made her first steps on this earth but found no river